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A Netflix Television Show, A Catalyst For Teenage Suicide?

Trigger warning: this article contains language about suicide that some readers may find disturbing.

A 15-year old girl died following reports that the teenager committed suicide which the father believes was under the influence of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” and wants the show cancelled as soon as possible. John Herndon, the father of the teenager who took her own life recently told Radar Online, “I’m still completely disgusted”, the father went on to blame Selena Gomez who is believed to be the brains behind the show, financing it.
The father told the world that his daughter had been watching the series shortly before her death and he believed 13 Reasons Why was the trigger to her daughter’s suicide. He went on to say “Remember that there are teens out there that are in a little darker place and these could be your friends, sisters.

Indeed, it is true, some people are battling with depression and producing a show that will make them feel famous and glamourous for killing themselves triggers a lot. Ever since Netflix released 13 Reasons Why to the world and became the most searched series of 2017 on the internet the show faced criticism and some praising the show although there have been debates over how the show was portraying teenage suicide to be glamorous and with no doubt teenage suicide increased around the world.

In Africa recently, young children from the age of eight have been committing suicide and with the dominance of technology and the internet a lot of children around the world are watching the show and it is a bad influence on them.

For those who haven’t watched the show, it tells a story of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker and the bullying she endured in high school who later takes her own life after recording a set of tapes, one for each person in her life who contributed to the decision she made to kill herself.

A lot of teenagers fell in love with the show and adults were asked if the show would not be the cause of many deaths but the content creators stood by their word “it will educate the public”. Other people wondered how such a show which encourages suicide on teenagers would educate the public.

“Many parents have been concerned about the effects of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why for some time now” said one parent who indicated that they’ve banned their children from watching the show as it was disturbing.

Reports from parents claim that they hold the controversial show and its creators liable for the apparent uptick in teen suicide, the grieving father claims Netflix is being “hypocritical” in deciding which of its programs to discontinue and which to continue streaming.

Children should at least be monitored on what to watch most of the time and if possible, the content creators should come up with a plan before the world loses more teenagers due to the show.–tecjhzim

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