ZOL recently announced a new wireless service that they have termed WiBroniks. The finer details of the service will be provided by ZOL at a later date but thus far they have provided details such as the data caps for these packages, the speeds and also the cost.

From these details, we can begin to make comparisons with other products that are on the market and even though we can’t definitively recommend one internet package over the other -since we don’t know how much the WiBroniks router/modem will actually cost-, you will be able to have an idea of what package is best for you in terms of data.

WiBroniks VS One-Fi

The most comparable internet offering to what WiBroniks is offering is NetOne’s One-Fi. The price bands are similar and the data allocations are very similar, whilst both offerings rely on LTE.

Package Cost Data Validity
WiBroniks 5 $10 5GB 30 Days
One-Fi $9 4GB 7 Days
WiBroniks 10 $19 10GB 30 Days
One-Fi $19 10GB 14 Days
WiBroniks 25 $33 25GB 30 Days
One-Fi $39 25GB 30 Days
WiBroniks 50 $60 50GB 30 Days
One-Fi $59 50GB 30 Days
WiBroniks Unlimted $119 Unlimited 30 Days
One-Fi $99 107GB 30 Days

Most of the prices and data allocations are almost identical. Where ZOL has a clear advantage over One-Fi is in the 25GB bracket. Their offering costs $6 less than the One-Fi equivalent.

Costly routers

The only problem with both devices is in relation to pricing of the modem. The One-Fi router costs $135 and this is quite a prohibitive sum to part with before you begin enjoying the service. On ZOL’s part, we are not sure what the pricing is and because of that, it’s not yet clear who has a better offering since the question of deciding which service will be decided by the pricing of the modems/routers since there isn’t much of a difference.

WiBroniks VS TelOne

WiBroniks will also probably grab the attention of TelOne subscribers who are using ADSL or are in areas where there is no fibre coverage.

Packages Cost Data Speed Validity
TelOne (Topup) $5 5GB N/A 7 Days
WiBroniks 5 $10 5GB 10Mbps 30 Days
Wibroniks 25 $33 25GB 10Mbps 30 Days
TelOne – Home Plus $25 30GB 3Mbps 30 Days
TelOne – Home Premier $42 60GB 4Mbps 30 Days
Wibroniks 50 $60 50GB 10Mbps 30 Days

Looking at the table one advantage TelOne has over WiBroniks is cost. Their packages are much more affordable but it seems that this cost comes at a price as the Wibroniks packages are way faster than the ADSL packages. This begins to matter if your internet is servicing the needs of a number of different people. The more people on the network the more there is a strain. I know a couple of people who have had challenges with ADSL due to weather so that’s also something to consider if you are in the market for a new service provider.

$5: Great entry level

TelOne does have a lower entry level with the $5 for 5GB which is a package that will interest a number of people. To get 5GB on WiBroniks you have to actually pay double the amount for TelOne. The only problem with TelOne’s package is that it is valid for 7 days compared to WiBroniks 30 days. On the other hand, 30 days with 5GB is a bit of a stretch in this day and age of Whatsapp statuses and Facebook, Instagram.

Still, a lot to learn…

Before potential customers can commit to the WiBroniks there is one boulder; we don’t know how much the routers will actually cost and this will determine a lot of things. If the routers are priced prohibitively then this will definitely slow down uptake of this service.–techzim.co.zw