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Apple is planning to remove a vital feature from one of its much-loved gadgets, rumour suggests

Apple is almost as famous for taking features away from its products as it for introducing new ideas.

Now it’s rumoured to be plotting a big change to a famous product which is bound to prove very annoying indeed.

The tech colossus provoked massed wailing and gnashing of teeth when it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, forcing people to use a fiddly little dongle if they wanted to plug-in a new old-fashioned pair of cans.

It’s also been suggested the next iPad Pros will be smaller than before, whilst still featuring a screen that’s at least as large as the old one.

This would make sense, as it’s similar to the design of the iPhone X. But removing the headphone jack is likely to cause a lot of harrumphing. Music producers often use iPads in the studio, relying on the audio socket to pump out sound.

A view of the current model of iPad Pro MORE: UK Manchester Arena bomber was rescued by Royal Navy in Libya before attack Teenager with extra arms growing out of her body is to finally have them removed Huge batches of condoms recalled over safety fears Now, there is one advantage to getting rid of the old jacks.

The ‘digital to audio converter’ which produces sound in iPads is not bad, but it isn’t exactly world-beating. Using a pair of wireless headphones or a decent audio output device called a sound card will let you hear music in better quality. Which will probably come as small comfort for people whose lovely old-school headphones could soon stop working with all Apple’s smartphones and tablets.–

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