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Fans kicked out of Kevin Hart gig after artist introduces a ‘zero tolerance’ mobile phone ban at UK gigs

Fans of a US comedian have been left furious after they were kicked out of his concert for using their mobile phones.

Funny man Kevin Hart has faced criticism for his decision to enforce a “zero tolerance” mobile phone policy on his tour, resulting in fans claiming they were kicked out for a little as sending a text.

Paying fans at both the Manchester Arena and the O2 have revealed how they were escorted out of the concert venues for using their phones, with one woman claiming she was only sending a five word message to her mother.

Whilst other artists have imposed similar bans customers, could be taken out of the phone-free zone, however Hart took a different approach hiring his own “cell phone security.”

Artists such as Jack White and Chris Rock have imposed similar bans as concert goers were forced to keep their mobile phones in a locked pouch while at his shows last year.

Fans were left frustrated with the US comedian’s strict policy
Fans were left frustrated with the US comedian’s strict policy
Working with company Yondr fans were able to keep the pouch on them for the duration of the gig. At the end of the show, or if you need to use your phone during the performance, you can take the pouch outside of the phone-free zone to have it unlocked.

But Hart’s ban does not include any such technology – which fans saying was unrealistic as people needed to be contactable.

Dan Steele revealed three members of his party were escorted out of Manchester Arena after they were seen texting their babysitters before the concert.

He wrote to Hart of Facebook stating: “Before the show had started, 3 of the 6 were thrown out because they sent a text message to there babysitter, asking if there children were ok.

“Now in the real world, this is what people need to do in order to unwind and enjoy your show. We have people we need to know are ok.”

Kevin Hart
Other artists such as Jack White and Chris Rock have imposed similar bans CREDIT: TYLER KAUFMAN
Amy Yates also vented her frustration online after she was told to leave, for sending her mother a text.

She wrote: “I didn’t try to record and photograph anything in the arena literally sent a text yet I got escorted out the whole of the building by several members of staff.

“God help anyone that has a genuine emergency whilst sat down in the Arena because you literally will be escorted out if you touch your phone.”

Prior to both events the venues warned attendees of the strict policy that was in place.

Manchester Arena reminded visitors that “at the request of the artist, the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited at this event.”

Fans were warned that a total ban was in place at the venue
Fans were warned that a total ban was in place at the venue
Adding: “There is also a no camera policy in operation. As on all of Kevin Hart tour dates, his own security, in conjunction with arena staff, will be monitoring the audience and anyone found taking photos, or using their mobile phone during the performance, will be asked to leave the show.”

The O2 also offered a the same caution to fans warning: “Anyone caught using a phone or camera before or during the show will be ejected with no refund.”

During Hart’s performance at the O2 “cell phone security” were spotted at the venue whilst leaflets were also handed out to fans stating “no cell phones before or during the show or you will be ejected, no refunds issued.”

This included texting, talking, tweeting, cameras, social media and recording devices according to the flier.

Hart’s agent has been contacted for comment. –telegraph

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