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When social media turns to your favor, the testimony of a Zimbabwean couple

When social media turns to your favor, the testimony of a Zimbabwean couple

WHEN Makhosana Mguni (27) proposed to his girlfriend Belinda Nyoni (24) at Chicken Inn Drive in Bulawayo, he never thought this would ignite a spirit of giving from all corners of the country.The couple lives in Bulawayo’s Nketa 6 and the proposal happened on December 26.Their photo went viral as many people admired the gesture made by Mguni in taking the bold step of asking the love of his life for her hand in marriage.

Some ridiculed Mguni for choosing Chicken Inn however, what they did not know, said Mguni, is that Chicken Inn has some sentimental value as this was the place he first met Nyoni six years ago. This is a real story of a young couple whose accidental appearance on social media through a proposal photo turns into a breakthrough, a great testimony.

Many people in Zimbabwe have the tendency of misrepresenting themselves of social media. They live a double life. On social media, they act one life and on the ground, they experience another. This particular couple was not shy to propose on a fast food outlet. Many people on social media mocked them, for staging a proposal on such a despised place. To them it did not matter what people were going to say. Mockers were silenced when sponsors started to pour in to stand with the couple and everything required for the wedding was catered for by the sponsors.

I don’t really know the intension of the person who shared the viral photo on social media or perhaps of the person who took the photos. Some people are now riding on the social popularity of this couple, creating facebook pages, representing this couple. However, the couple have since declared those pages unofficial. They said they will have an official page.

What remains unclear to me is the purpose of the facebook page. Is it to notify the public (and sponsors) of marriage and wedding arrangements? Is it to allow for more sponsors? And what purpose will the page serve after all this is over?

Anyway, this is a story of a couple who proposed at a chicken inn and social media turned to favor them. Many people have their own success stories on social media, deliberate or not. In Zimbabwe, we have politicians whose success stories trace back to social media and commedians whose success stories trace back to social media as well. Truly, there is no formulae.

Sometimes social media promotes you, sometimes it can lead to your demise. Play well, play safe.-technomag

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