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ZESA Snubs Chivayo’s Intratrek In Gairezi Bid

I am one of those people who was appalled by the way ZESA handled their solar power plant bids. Say what you will, I take it is as a clear sign of the rot at parastatals that a company managed by a man convicted of fraud was handed money in advance. The much talked about solar plants have to this day, more than 5 years later, not materialised. Why am I not surprised?

Well, it seems ZESA has learnt its lesson with regards to Intratrek, which Mr Chivayo represented in the solar bid. According to a report in the Herald, they have decided to snub Intratrek in their Gairezi bid which will see the winner of the tender building a Hydroelectric power station on the Gairezi river.

I am glad to note that ZESA has learnt that in colloquial terms Intratek vakomana. The guys you call in when you want to save a buck who might or might not do a good job. Apart from a sad looking website with a rather strange domain name, where they list a very thin team with no one from the Engineering department, a gallery with zero past projects and shows the team posing with powerful politicians, Intratek has virtually zero real visibility in Zimbabwe apart from its Managing director who is known for his socialite habits. This is a typical tendepreneur company like the ones that abound in South Africa.

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