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NetOne Continues To Take Digs At Econet In Its Marketing Material

Back when NetOne announced their 1.2GB data bundle they struck with this:

The blue 1GB vs the Orange 1.2?

Ok, that one wasn’t exactly subtle but it was the first of many such digs that would become common on NetOne’s page.

After Econet announced their ridiculously named Smart Data Bouqets, NetOne couldn’t help but strike again with their cheeky messaging:

NetOne users have for long time claimed that their data is more reliable and faster than Econet, which might not be entirely false once you consider the number of users who rely on Econet’s network.

It seems NetOne grabs any opportunity it can to remind people of their advantages (as they should) as they also mocked Econet for blocking WhatsApp calls:

It’s not really clear why Econet has blocked these calls but maybe it’s because they fear people would rely less on network based calls or if they feel the WhatsApp bundles would be depleted much quicker. Ultimately, NetOne took it as an opportunity to blow their horn.

Finally (and this one might be a bit of a reach), NetOne also seemed to have boasted of offering superior call quality with this ad on their Twitter page:

NetOne Cellular@NetOneCellular

Keep in-touch with loved ones across the world via NetOne. Switch over and Join the most reliable service provider in Zimbabwe today, for just $1, get your SIM card at any NetOne shop/outlet across the country and experience the FREEDOM!

This could be me forcing things a tiny bit but I felt that “reliable network” bit is once again targeted at Econet who have been accused of having poor network recently.

Regardless, this type of viral marketing seems to strike chords with the masses and brands like Nandos have become pretty famous for such marketing, so it might be a good idea for NetOne to continue down this path. One thing is certain, this will give subscribers something to talk about if sustained.–techzim

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