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ZOL Unused Data To Start Rolling Over Into Following Month From August

ZOL Fibroniks billboard

ZOLs decision not to allow you to carry over unused data into the next month has always been quite unpopular. You would only assume that this irritation has been felt more because of loadshedding. Couple that with more expensive data costs and you have a trinity of factors that might actually force customers to ditch a service.

Thankfully ZOL has acknowledged that this issue needs fixing and has promised to fix it. From the 1st of August, ZOL will allow subscribers who haven’t used the entirety of their data to carry it over into the next month. They announced this in response to a complaint on Twitter:

Thank you very much for the suggestion.

We are pleased to announce that starting 1 August 2019, unused data will be rolling over to the next month. ^TN

Once you consider that for years, TelOne has allowed their subscribers to carry over their data this comes as welcome news and removes one of the advantages that TelOne had over ZOL.

The roll over will apply to Fibroniks package, as Wibroniks has always been pay as you go. Obviously it will not apply to unlimited packages as “unused data” isn’t a thing when it comes to unlimited packages.–etchzim

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